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We created this four tier white fondant cake with black ribbons, black swiss dots, and a fuchsia bow with an orange brooch for a wedding at the Windsor Ballroom in East Windsor, NJ. The cake had alternating tiers of pink velvet cake with raspberr... read more
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Stop in the name of the Love!!...that's the message of this serve and protecting groom....He's in uniform with his gun in holster and belt of accessories, hugging his bride while cradling a pizza!!...yes it's not just coffee and donuts for this o... read more
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In the mood for quiche, again, and with plenty of ready made pie crust dough on hand.? I put together this delicious spinach quiche with gruyere cheese.? My son walked by as I was photographing it and said, "That smells great!? Can I have a bite?... read more
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Other photo from Amani shop in Manzoni Street in Milan. A date with pleasure. pleasure that is sensual, pleasure that is complete. Picture a square praline, just perfect, to be enjoyed in a single mouthful: the power of dark chocolate, the swetne... read more
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What the English equivalent of the word malansa (or malangsa ) is, I have no idea. But it is the Filipino adjective used to describe anything that has a strong smell. But it is more than that, really. Any food that is malansa is likely to be a ca... read more
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Altra foto della collezione Dolci di Giorgio Armani scattata oggi 2 gennaio 2008 presso lo store di Via Manzoni a Milano. Le confezioni preziose. Qui vi rimando al post origiario su Giorgio Armani . read more
This cake is much easier to make than it looks! Select your cake pans You will need at least four, maybe five cake pans. I used a 9 in., 8 in., and two smaller baking dishes. However, the size of your cake will vary depending on how many people y... read more
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All new posts will be made on Cake Magic . Same site, with a new name! We'll see you there! read more
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It is a scandinavian tradition to have "kransekage" and champagne at midnight New Years eve. "Kransekage" is made of almond paste, icing sugar and eggwhites. I always make my own instead of buying one from my local baker, it also taste much better... read more
Ingredients:- Biscuits 1 Pack (Any square or rectangle biscuits) Butter 6 TBsp Icing Sugar 1-2 TBsp Cocoa Powder 1 TBsp Method:- Beat the butter in two separate bowls. Mix icing sugar in both. Mix Cocoa powder in one bowl. Spread white butter mix... read more
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S o I am so sorry this has been so long in coming! To say it has been crazy in my household is an understatement. Alas though I have found the time to sit down and share this recipe with everyone. This is a recipe was a huge success! Everyone who... read more
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Coconut Barfi recipe ingredients:- (dessert recipe)Milk - 1 cup Coconut (shelled and grated) - 1Green cardamom - 2-3Ghee - 2 tbsp Sugar - 2 cup... more from dessertrecipe... read more
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Chocolate coffee cake recipe ingredients: 350 grams graham cracker crumbs 200 grams confectioner’s sugar 100 grams dark chocolate, melted 16 tablespoons cold coffee Coconut filling recipe ingredients: 100 grams confectioner’s sugar 3 tablespoons ... read more
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