venerdì 7 marzo 2008

Mondo food news

Pink Tutu Cupcake Stand

Jodi, who shot our wedding cake for Bride & Bloom, asked us to create this 5 tier tutu cupcake stand for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party. The top of the tower is topped with an extra large cupcake and 40 cupcakes adorn the remaining tiers. The c... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
INGREDIENTS For the tofu patties 170gtofu 1slicewhite bread 1egg yolk salt & freshly ground black pepper 2spring onions, chopped 1pinchchili powder 3tablespoonsoil For the sauce 120mldouble cream 1/2cupsweetcorn, taken off the cob 2tablespoonstarr... read more
plain cook Recipes
Now this looks exotic! So colorful with tapestries and raised, pillowed, platform tables. Unfortunately the video is short and does not show much. From the Youtube poster:Inside of the Yord (Tent) restaurant outside of Shiraz. They had live music,... read more
With over $3,000 already raised (as of 2:00am GMT), I’m sure the majority of you are now aware of the massive effort being placed by the entire food Blogosphere, in order to provide enough money to help Bri through her treatment. I would love to m... read more
blood sugar
You must have already read on other food blogs that the sweet Bri is battling cancer once again. She’s shown us her strength and will power through these hard times and I’m sure she’s in everyone’s prayers.Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi are coordinatin... read more
Technicolor Kitchen - English version
One of my goals for this summer is to fit in a pile of culinary reading. I just finished the book, The Sharper your Knife, the Less you Cry. Fun rendition of a gal taking a hard right from her life and pursuing her culinary dreams. Huh, and she is... read more
Talk of Tomatoes
What a night! Lessons learned from last night's latte art throwdown at Joe: The Art of Coffee, a fundraiser for Red Cross disaster relief in Myanmar and China: (1) Baristas love a good throwdown; (2) Baristas take a throwdown seriously--many of t... read more
The Amateur Gourmet
21st century kids are fussier than ever about what they will and won’t eat, posing problems for parents who want to ensure their children eat well almost half of who admit to feeling under pressure from a fussy child to put certain things in their... read more
The Foodie List
Frank Pepe It's quite easy to hit New Haven's most famous pizzerias, Sally's and Frank Pepe, in one day—they're only about a block away from each other. All you have to do is waddle out of one and into the... read more
The Girl Who Ate Everything
Sunday 18th May 2008 I was here, teamed with her, doing this.We cooked all this.We where among other people, all cooking astonishing meals!Everything was organized by her in partnership them, with some outstanding sponsors!I spoke about it here an... read more
The Kitchen Pantry
Okay, I'm back from another assignment and this is a nifty souvenir I picked up. Any idea what it is? (hint: of course it's food related!) read more
The Traveler's Lunchbox
One of the things that has changed for me since leaving the U.S., and, in my opinion, for the better, is that I no longer have access to many commercially prepared foods. Ketchup: yes; mustard, lots (Dijon?!?); mayonnaise, bien sur!.But things li... read more
Thyme For Cooking, the Blog
I'm sure you've all seen this little pink cookbook winking at you from store shelves everywhere. Deceptively Deliciousis so popular that even now, almost eight months after its publication, it is still a "7 Day Only" loan at our library. Well, thi... read more
Vegan Lunch Box
Posted by Patsy Kreitman on Edible TV Today’s interview will introduce you to Lisa Garza. She’s going to bring glamour to Food Network. Read on. Q: What makes you different from the finalists in previous seasons? A: I have a background in restaura... read more
Well Fed Network
Last month I hung up my shackles as a part-time office worker and made the leap to freelance writer. It has many perks, including a business casual attire that centers on the classics …tshirt and jeans. Now I don’t have to hurry off every morning... read more
What geeks eat...
Tamara,per la prima comunione della figlia,ha ideato una torta originale con decorazioni e colori delicati. read more