martedì 30 dicembre 2008

Super recipes from Italy

Sugar rings

Some delicious sugar rings from Munich. If you know how to produce them can you send us an email? Thanks read more
It's hard to write about Esca because Esca doesn't seem real. The first time I ate there, it was for Chapter 8 of my book, the chapter where I met Ruth Reichl for lunch. I was so nervous that day, so focused on the person I was about to meet, tha... read more
The Amateur Gourmet
Ahh, the holidays!That wonderful time of year when things get lost in the mail (I think); when obligations escalate to mountainous levels and the flu hits with a vengeance.Regardless, I will do a first run recap of all the great Season's Eatings g... read more
Thyme For Cooking, the Blog
My husband Jesse is turning the big 30 on Monday…so I wanted to create a cake that would encompass a lot of his interests. So after a lot of contemplating… I decided Mr. Potato Head would be the perfect concept. Not to mention, Jesse was known for... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
INGREDIENTS 1/2cuprolled oats, regular or quick 2 1/4cupsall-purpose flour 1 1/2teaspoonsbaking soda 1/2teaspoonsalt 1/4teaspooncinnamon (optional) 1cupbutter(softened) 3/4cup firmly packedbrown sugar 3/4cupgranulated sugar 2teaspoonsvanilla 1teas... read more
plain cook Recipes
Note: This entry originally took place on December 20, aka moving day hell. I love burgers, but up until December 20 I had never eaten a patty melt. Considering how often I'm disappointed or underwhelmed by hamburger buns—from my experience,...... read more
The Girl Who Ate Everything
NOBODY, and I mean, NOBODY! has made hominy taste this AWESOME! Hot or cold, this arrangement of hominy, green chilies, cilantro and tomatoes with chipotle peppers is very hard to stop eating. I read through so MANY hominy recipes that all seeme... read more
Simple Daily Recipes

MondoFood BlogRoll


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venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

Mondo Food

taste test: apples & pears

Now THIS is what I call culinary school. Really, it should involve palate education. And not just eat what you cook, and cook what you eat. I mean, roll up your sleeves, close your eyes and chew. Take off the labels, inhale the aromas, chew chew c... read more
Talk of Tomatoes
Posted by Sarah Caron on Well Fed on the Town Top Chef may not be debuting for another month, but in just a few weeks you can experience your own Top Chef meal. Live. In person. Richard Blais, one of the finalists from Top Chef Chicago, will be gi... read more
Well Fed Network
If you see a fried without a smile, give him one of yours. (Proverb)Weekend Words read more
INGREDIENTS 1 1/2cupsgrapefruit juice 3/4cupsalad oil 2 (1 ounce)packagesGood Seasons Italian dressing 2bay leaves, crushed 2tablespoonscurry powder DIRECTIONS Mix all ingredients together and marinate chicken overnight, the longer the better. Bar... read more
plain cook Recipes
Image via Wikipedia It seems everyone these days has a busy agenda and certainly when it comes to eating, healthy food is not usually on the agenda. The secret to eating healthily is planning. It is no good rushing out of the house in the morning... read more

Pippo sorride su una torta di compleanno preparata da Fiorella. read more
Pumpkin muffin recipe ingredients: 200 grams pumpkin, shredded 3 eggs 120 grams sugar 50 ml milk 50 ml oil 300 grams flour 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon baking powder 100 grams raisins Cooking calculator Healthy pumpkin muffins recipe instruct... read more
Gourmet Cakes | Easy Dessert Recipes
“); //]]>–>Now here’s a cookie that needs some work. Don’t get me wrong, they were very tasty, but this is the first time I “invent” a cookie and I wasn’t very satisfied with the results. They were kind of soft and a little chewy. Maybe because I ... read more
What's cooking?
This cake is highlighted with chocolate brown satin bands around the center of each tier and finished with circular crystal brooches. The top of the cake is adorned with a Swarovski Crystal “W” and piped pearls surround the base of each tier. Flav... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
The grocer had skinless, boneless chicken breasts on sale, buy one package-get one free. Oh yea, I stocked up! As soon as I arrived home, I divided them up into 1 gallon freezer bags, got out the spices and went to town! I had four freezer bags... read more
Simple Daily Recipes
I know I have not posted in a while. First , I had a kitchen disaster while making Tah-Chin, the delicious Persian rice dish that is made with saffron. I failed to acquire the coveted crust called tah-dig and I think that my yoghurt was too run... read more
Veronica's Test Kitchen
In Wisconsin we can vote early, so yesterday I went to Town Hall and flexed my civic muscle with the scribble of a pencil. It was lots of fun because voting is always fun but the city workers seemed rather perturbed at the steady influx of early ... read more
What geeks eat...

mercoledì 9 luglio 2008

July food

Princess Themed 1st Birthday Cake

We created this 3-tier princess crown cake with a color pallet to match the invitations for a 1st birthday party in Lyndhurst, NJ. The cake was vanilla cake with raspberry chambord buttercream frosting. Post from: Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes Princ... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
We have been working for the past several months on getting our home refinanced. We have tried to be pretty smart, and I thought we were doing really good. We’ve never needed Credit counseling or anything and we live debt free. So when I took a li... read more
Kater-Bug Cakes
INGREDIENTS 1lbground meat onions(your prefrence of how much depending on if you like onions) 18ouncesManwich sloppy joe mix DIRECTIONS Brown your ground meat. then slice your onions pour in ground meat with the can of mamwitch. stir then let sit ... read more
plain cook Recipes
“); //]]>–>I am glad to see that a lot of ingredients with which I grew up in Mexico are getting international recognition. Some of them are tomatillos, Poblano peppers, tamarind (this is not a native Mexican ingredient, but it is very popular dow... read more
What's cooking?
The Ali Kali restaurant in Albania. The owner/waitor delivers the food on horseback and then puts on a show for customers. read more
I just got word from Menus4Moms about their free tool to help save you time and money in the kitchen! Menus4Moms, one of the most popular menu planning services online, has put together a free e-course called “Menu Planning for Busy Moms“. &... read more
Simple Daily Recipes
Knowledgeable readers, we have a question from reader Brandy H. that I cannot answer. Please help her in the comments! We are going to Martha's Vineyard in August (from Los Angeles), where we have rented a house so that I can cook. I am wondering... read more
The Amateur Gourmet
Posted by Scott Anderson on Get Your Grill On Right out of the bottle this sauce hits you with spiced up flavor mirrored with a wonderfully rich tasting mouth-feel. It’s not watered down like store bottled ketchup nor is it as sweet as many famili... read more
Well Fed Network
Have I convinced you to make a pie yet? I’ve written about the joys of pie…there’s apple, blueberry, cherry, rhubarb, and now I’m pleased to introduce you to strawberry pie. No rhubarb, absolutely nothing but pure strawberry bliss. I love pie beca... read more
What geeks eat...
One of the things my family plans on changing is our eating habits. Of course, the change began a while back when we cut down drastically on our red meat consumption. That was followed by the low-fat and low-sugar diet that my doctor required. In ... read more
Pinoy Cook - Filipino food, cooking and recipes blog
The Food Standards Agency is consulting on a scheme to help consumers know at a glance how well their local takeaway or restaurant has done in food safety inspections. Scores on the Doors is a scheme whereby food businesses are given a score to sh... read more
The Foodie List
Opinion Polls & Market ResearchStarting Tuesday, June 8, vote for your favorite name. Vote as many times as you like for as many names as you like. Voting closes Monday, June 14. read more
The Chocolistas
Remember Jim Profit?? He was a bad, bad guy. I think he and Patty Hewes could go hand in hand with their cruelty. Come to think of it... Who am I kidding? No one could ever match Patty Hewes. :)I had been meaning to make this recipe for months ... read more
Technicolor Kitchen - English version
Life could not be cooked-up. Because if we do, we can be burned. Food can be prepared. Sure. Choose your process: marinate, blanch, puree, simmer, steam, roast, fry, sear, barbecue, bake, broil, or... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my we... read more
ibanag cooking and other things
Some of you have been wondering if your vote(s) made a difference for BOBs results. And I would say a resounding, YES! Renaissance Culinaire placed 2nd in the Best Hobby Blog Category.I really am appreciative for everyone who rallied for me on dig... read more
Renaissance Culinaire
This is an amazing cake, and it comes with an amazing story. It was made by Whipped Bakeshop, for the real-life wedding of Ben Franklin (Ralph Archibald) and Betsy Ross (Linda Wilde), in Philadelphia, on July 3, 2008. Here is the creator’s ... read more
Sugar and Sweets: find something crave-worthy
photo credit: Noodle Bones China food risk revealed. Visited China recently? If you are travelling, or intending to travel to China, then you should pay particular attention to this article. One of China’s most famous consumer advocates and autho... read more

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July be safe, keep water near by lol. I had a blast last night, our friend Jim came over, and I got my birthday present from hubby. I got Guitar Hero the PC version. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I h... read more - a Mothers blog about baking, cooking, parenting, and enjoying all things in Life.
This is sort of a weird book: The Gastronaut (here is his website). The type where most of the time while reading it, you are caught between rolling your eyes, shrugging your shoulders and then nodding in agreement or entertaining the occasional s... read more
Talk of Tomatoes
Yep, it's that time of year when school's out and a break is needed. It's a short break but one that will help recharge the batteries. I'll be back! Cheers!Heather read more
The Culinary Chase
Coconut sorbet recipe ingredients: 100 grams shredded coconut 1/2 deciliter (about 1/5 cup) water 100 grams sugar 2 deciliters (about 4/5 cup) sour cream Apricot sorbet recipe ingredients: 2 1/2 deciliters (1 cup) water 250 grams sugar 300 grams ... read more
Gourmet Cakes | Easy Dessert Recipes
Prawn cocktail is such an eighties dish isn’t it? Overcooked prawns with a stodgy marie-rose sauce on wilted lettuce. No thanks. Here’s a zesty alternative that we just love. For my American readers, shrimp cocktail in Europe is served with a zi... read more
The Humble Housewife

lunedì 7 luglio 2008

Mondo food June 2008

Image via Wikipedia It seems that every day I get approached by some new food or recipe social network. I think it’s great that things are expanding in this area, but I can’t help but feel some things don’t need fixing. I am a huge fan of Recipe... read more
The Humble Housewife
Bryan and I almost share our birthdays. His is the 15th and mine is the 16th. As from the 15th July 2008 his age will end in a zero. Once you get past 21 any birthday with a zero means a party. My age will not contain a zero for another couple of... read more
INGREDIENTS 1/2cupplain yogurt 1/2cupcottage cheese 1/2cup choppedfruit, any type(bananas & apples are good!) honey, to desired sweetness DIRECTIONS Mix all ingredients together. Enjoy! read more
plain cook Recipes
Leave it to Chicagoans to turn a discussion on crime and racism into a discussion on pizza. (Are Gypsies robbing the elderly in the Western Suburbs? Eh, whatever. Here's a picture of pizza!)[link] read more
I'm deeply flattered that Frank Bruni took the time to respond to my dress code manifesto on his Diner's Journal blog (to read his response, click here; to read my original post, click here.) He begins by calling me a "lovely, thoughtful guy... read more
The Amateur Gourmet
[Little Brother at 12 months, the first time I let him play with the remains of his dinner on his own.] When my first son started solid foods, I dreamt of creating the perfect food lover. He was going to eat a variety of foods, all organic, nothi... read more
Too Many Chefs
Posted by Ashley Hinderman on Sugar Savvy Summer is here with its 100-degree heat beating the sweat out of my body. Every time I think of summer and go into the swimming pool, I think about how my mom used to give my friends and I an ice cream tre... read more
Well Fed Network
Janie Medley from Janie Medley Flora Design wrote a flattering feature on Pink Cake Box. Janie is a talented floral designer based out of Richmond, VA. She has a never-ending supply of beautiful shots on her website and also runs a fantastic blog ... read more
Pink Cake Box Wedding Cakes & more
I read about a fried chicken sandwich on Serious Eats and I had to have one. A fluffy white sandwich roll cradling a tasty hunk of fried chicken, a spoonful of coleslaw…a truly excellent sandwich but unfortunately for me I’m not in Oakland, Ca. I... read more
What geeks eat...
My first piece is up on the Slow Food Nation blog, part one of a two part interview with Dan Imhoff, author of Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to the Farm Bill. We spoke about the intent of the Farm Bill, whether or not it continues to serve its p... read more
A Lucid Spoonful
Not a chance. Because I am in our family's favorite hang-out --- the dining room. It is a place where we bond, share ideas, argue even, or perhaps, discuss while having family meetings, and of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website... read more
ibanag cooking and other things
I had an idea I thought would be a fun way to support our fellow food blog authors. And help create a even closer community.I started a calender for listing food blogger blogoversary dates. The date of your food blog's official launch or first pos... read more
Renaissance Culinaire